Staffing Solutions

The cannabis industry is expected to add more than a quarter million employees by the year 2020. How will you find the best and brightest?

As organizations transition from small business roots and emerge as sophisticated entities, they must be prepared to initiate and maintain complex operational, financial and regulatory compliance processes. Scaling an operation requires the input of qualified resources in core functions like finance, information technology and human resources – expertise many cannabis operations currently lack.

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Delivering Specialized Skill Where It Is Needed Most

To help fill this gap and provide guidance on the path to sustainable growth, ELLO is providing an experienced Staffing Solutions team, combining regulatory compliance and cannabis industry knowledge with a qualified network of seasoned professionals. The ultimate purpose is to connect dynamic, growing cannabis operations with experienced talent.

Flexible Staffing Model to Meet Changing Demands

The Staffing Solutions team is built to meet the varying needs of cannabis businesses as they grow. We can place qualified individuals in temporary, contract-to-hire and/or full-time positions.

Let ELLO Deliver Qualified Resources Directly To Your Door

ELLO Staffing Solutions helps clients reach their goals by providing highly trained staff who fit within their organization and budget.

The advisors provided by ELLO’s Staffing Solutions team are carefully selected for their ability to provide a continuity of operations and to fit well within our client’s organizational culture. ELLO handles the entire process from recruitment to onboarding, including payroll and compliance with all federal, state and local regulations.

Types of Positions ELLO Staffing Solutions Supports

  • Operations/Store Managers
  • Accounting/Finance Professionals
  • Human Resources Professionals
  • Information Technology Professionals
  • Administrative Professionals

To learn more about ELLO’s Staffing Solutions or request a consultation, reach out to us or call 916.642.7023.