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Our diverse professionals offer deep expertise and insights across all cannabis industry sub-sectors. We work closely with clients to help them meet the unique challenges of each market.


Cannabis cultivation includes activities involving the planting, growing, harvesting, drying, curing, grading, or trimming of cannabis, including cannabis nurseries.

Whether deciding on the best grow process or technology, navigating 280E tax matters, or just looking for ways to grow your business or raise capital, we’re here to help.


Manufacturing involves the making of cannabis products such as extracts and edibles, including the compounding, blending, extracting, infusing, and other stages of preparation for cannabis products.

We help manufacturers solve complex challenges including compliance, process improvement and other operational and financial challenges.


Cannabis retailers are the most visible part of the cannabis supply chain and support the sale or delivery of cannabis and cannabis products to consumers.

Retailers face various challenges complying with 280E, retail channel strategies, employee management, and others concerns that we can help navigate to ensure compliant, scalable operations.


Distributors procure, sell, and transport cannabis and cannabis products between licensed cannabis businesses.

We help distributors navigate sales and use tax, compliance, brand acquisition, sales and marketing as well as staffing.

Lab Testing

Cannabis testing laboratories perform tests on cannabis and cannabis products. Testing laboratories must be independently accredited and licensed by the state and local jurisdictions.  Labs play an important role in ensuring the safety and quality of all cannabis products for consumption.

Whether addressing compliance matters or general operational and financial needs, ELLO is here to help.


In California, a cannabis microbusiness is one that cultivates cannabis on an area of less than 10,000 square feet and also manufactures, distributes, and/or retails cannabis.  In other markets, vertical integration may be required, which functions similarly to the California microbusiness format.

We serve microbusinesses and vertically integrated operators as we would individual license holders, as well as address the challenges and opportunities of being vertically integrated.

Ancillary Businesses

Ancillary business are those that support the industry in various ways but don’t get involved in growing, processing and selling cannabis.  These businesses include software, hardware, professional service providers, and others.

Although the dynamic of their operations are different than licensed operators, knowing the intricacies of the market helps our team members deliver high quality services to ancillary businesses, in line with the various non-cannabis industry groups that our Alliance partners support.