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Diversity, relevance and authenticity are at the core of who we are and the solutions we deliver.

Whether we are delving into the creative process, refining your brand’s vision or getting ready to launch a marketing campaign, magic happens when different elements are combined in extraordinary ways to create something special.

Crafted by careful hands & clever minds

At ELLO, along with our partners at Fiorello, we see ourselves as master botanists, cultivating and refining key elements in ever-changing ways to innovate for our clients.

Services Include

Brand Development

With Medical and Adult-Use markets in many states, brands are evolving their businesses, launching new and exciting products and services, and often reinventing themselves to better connect with consumers. Our brand development team is purposefully built to help guide this transformation, define a brand’s vision, position, voice, visuals and ultimately chart the roadmap to success.

Creative Services

Design can sell a product but it can also make the world a better place. We believe in building innovative brands that both inspire and win at the shelf. ELLO is focused on collaborating with our clients to develop brands that support a community of creativity within the cannabis industry. It is our mission to build cannabis brands that make a lasting impact.

User Experience

Our team examines customer needs and behaviors across digital and experiential touchpoints with the goal of creating an engaging consumer experience. We develop strategy, client roadmaps, and implement large-scale connected experiences, including new products & platforms, websites, mobile applications and channel partnerships.

Digital Marketing

We have an industry leading digital marketing practice that ensures our clients are getting noticed in an increasingly complex and busy digital landscape. Our methodologies and access to technology platforms give our clients ease and flexibility in scaling, testing, optimizing and updating their campaigns in real-time. Great creative and content is critical for driving engagement, and so is ensuring that digital ad campaigns are dynamic, contextual and technology-driven for maximum impact.

Public Relations

Our stellar PR team curates each brand’s strategy based on a special formula we develop, unique to each client. So whether its hosting an influencer dinner to launch a new line of edibles, developing an impactful press campaign to garner mainstream coverage or seeding a brand with celebrities and influencers, we work hard, and work smart, to ensure your brand is achieving a landmark profile where it matters the most.

Social Media

Our social strategy is based on one simple thing: connection. We’re listeners who pay close attention to what people are saying and sharing across channels. We take those insights and create a plan that gives our brands a voice, personality and a place to live. For full social campaigns, we develop a comprehensive social media strategy, and create content tailored to each platform.

Content Marketing

We create compelling content for brands to present themselves through print, digital and social channels. Our integrated team develops copy, can produce video and photo shoots, and will craft and polish a client’s narrative storytelling strategy to create engaging, relevant content, unique to each brand.

Retail Marketing

With recreational markets opening opportunities for traditional retail environments, the in-store experience is becoming more important than ever. ELLO is re-imagining the point-of-sale experience to bring these brands to the retail space. From Shop-In-Shops to at-register impulse purchases, we consider all aspects of the retail floor and leverage these spaces to make powerful experiences and lasting impact.

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Service Leaders

Evan Eneman

Evan Eneman

CEO, MGO | ELLO Alliance


Lorna Donohoe

Lorna Donohoe

Director, Brand Strategy and Marketing, Fiorello