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Capital Markets Advisory

Financial and strategic support for emerging cannabis businesses seeking capital to power their future.

Comprehensive guidance to evaluate and achieve strategic growth.

In the fast-moving cannabis industry, growth opportunities appear – and vanish – in the blink of an eye. Cannabis businesses must be prepared and agile, whether planning to acquire or merge with a competitor, raising equity or debt financing, or investing capital on internal projects.

The ELLO Capital Markets Advisory group has advised cannabis industry leaders on critical capital decisions for licensing applications, international security filings, M&A transactions, and some of the largest capital transactions in the business.

Through our highly-tailored suite of financial advisory services we:

    • Evaluate strategic opportunities
    • Guide effective investor communications
    • Advise on capital transactions
    • Perform valuations

Deep Market Insights

Our services are informed by years of experience supporting cannabis companies through the cycles of growth, acquisition, and financing. Powered by our proprietary database of market and transaction intelligence, we provide valuable insight into valuations, capital raising, and strategic deal-making. Armed with thorough due diligence and strategic insight, our clients are primed to generate, identify, and seize transformative growth opportunities.

Services Include

Capital Raising

Capital is essential to your company, but raising it is a time-consuming process. We can help by developing financial projections and investor presentation materials, valuing your business, preparing for due diligence, and advising on and managing investor communications.


We utilize traditional valuation methodologies powered by our unique cannabis industry perspective and expertise. Approaches we utilize include: Discounted Cash Flow, Comparable Company Analysis, Precedent Transaction Analysis, and Leveraged Buyout Analysis.

Strategic Advisory and M&A

We assist with evaluating and executing strategic opportunities, including acquisitions, new business partnerships, and internal project launches. We identify acquisition targets, perform detailed financial analyses, conduct valuations, undertake due diligence, and negotiate and structure transactions.

Financial Modeling

Growing companies need to evaluate operating performance to provide senior management with the insights needed to make operational, financial, and strategic decisions. Our professionals develop detailed financial models to analyze, forecast, and manage financial performance and cash flow.

Due Diligence

When acquiring a business, raising capital, or seeking a partner, we provide tailored due diligence services. Buy- and Sell-Side services include: analysis of financials, risk, taxes, and governance; reviews of legal, market, and technology factors; and price optimization and merger integration.

IPO Readiness

We can assist you across a broad range of pre-IPO needs, including: clean-up and preparation of financial statements; assessing internal processes and controls; assessing tax liabilities, risk, compliance, and more.

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Service Leaders

Evan Eneman

Evan Eneman

CEO, MGO | ELLO Alliance


Scott Hammon

Scott Hammon

COO, MGO | ELLO Alliance, MGO Assurance Partner


Dan Nicholls

Dan Nicholls

Director, Capital Markets Advisory Services


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