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Streamline finance and accounting functions with proven solutions that optimize people, processes and technology.

Ask yourself, are you getting useful intelligence on the financial performance of your business from your internal finance and accounting departments? Can they be expected to help you understand industry benchmarks and best practices that can make you more competitive? Can they help you think through and plan for strategic business needs? Can they help you better understand your cash flow position? Are they helping you to stay in compliance with federal, state, and local regulatory agencies?

ELLO is a leading firm in the cannabis industry, providing a diverse array of outsourced finance and accounting services to start-ups and well-established businesses. Our mission is to help decision-makers face their toughest challenges with clarity & confidence.

We have the experience and expertise to deliver complete back-office solutions for:

Start-up Businesses

We are passionate about providing startups with finance and accounting solutions that work for you, so you can focus on growing your new venture. Our team can help you develop strategic financial plans, create budgets and forecasts for your business or your plan, and advise you on choosing the right accounting software. We’ll help you navigate the complexities of starting a new company.

Established Businesses

Are you looking for ways to save money, create greater efficiency throughout your organization, or develop stronger reports to guide your team in their day-to-day decision making? At ELLO we’re implementing best-in-class processes and technologies that drive tangible efficiencies for businesses of all sizes, which allow you to focus on growing your business.

International Operations

Looking to expand into the U.S. market or grow your U.S.-based operations abroad? ELLO specializes in the setup of multi-entity international finance and accounting business operations, alignment of business processes, export controls and cross-border compensation issues, accounting and financial reporting and the identification and management of customs. We can work with your international finance and accounting department, CFO, COO, or act as your outsourced finance and accounting department. We are here to give you practical solutions for your expansion.


Our experience with technology companies spans every stage of growth – from startup, to public offering and beyond. We understand the velocity of change in the cannabis technology space and work closely with clients to help navigate these issues strategically and profitably. Our professionals have experience dealing with a wide range of issues facing the cannabis technology space – revenue recognition, business valuation, mergers & acquisitions, tax credits and incentives, just to name a few. In addition, our team will help you establish best practices, internal accounting controls, help to prepare financial statements, select your team of trusted advisors and offer valuable insight throughout your entire business life cycle.

Media & Entertainment

The cannabis media and entertainment space is full of creative people developing the products that inform and entertain the world. Our role is behind the scenes; managing the details that make life simpler, while helping to build and protect future interests. Our proven suite of outsourced services for the industry include: experienced support in handling day-to-day finance and accounting matters, tax return preparation, payroll, cash management and bill payment as well as full service back-office support.

Proven financial solutions

While outsourcing is commonly recognized as a valuable tool to help cut administrative costs, it can be much more than that. At ELLO we’re not only implementing best-in-class processes and technologies that drive tangible efficiencies, we back it up with a world-class team of advisors that offer far more than savings.

Services Include

Outsourced CFO

Financial performance is the lifeblood of an organization and occasionally requires expert-level guidance to support profitability initiatives or optimize financial operations. ELLO provides subject matter experts and qualified financial professionals to organizations in need of tactical support and a fresh eye for financial reporting, analysis and consulting, or back-office restructuring.

Finance Effectiveness

For a cannabis business to successfully navigate this complex business environment, your finance function must deliver useful insight, mitigate risk, support compliance, and leverage capital. ELLO helps develop and implement high-performing finance functions that streamline business processes while delivering insight and efficiency.

Strategic Planning

The cannabis industry moves fast and operators cannot get lost in the details of day-to-day operations at the expense of long-term growth. ELLO’s experienced financial advisers help define business objectives, identify available resources, and develop a long-term financial plan to attain goals and return maximum value.

Operational Assessment

Cannabis businesses operate in an environment fraught with potential business risks and regulatory complexities. ELLO provides comprehensive operational assessments that identify opportunities for greater efficiency and identify and mitigate the risks cannabis businesses face.

Performance Assessments & Improvement Services

The data produced by an effective finance function can provide an insightful view into the effectiveness and efficiency of a cannabis business. ELLO’s team of experienced advisers look beyond the numbers to provide assess company performance and develop plans to improve in both the short- and long-term.

Financial Systems Design

In the fast-moving cannabis industry, financial systems must have the capability to keep pace with significant growth. Many financial systems are out-dated or limited in scope. ELLO’s team designs and implements optimal financial systems that drive efficiency and deliver useful insight that fuels process improvement.

Business Process Reengineering

As cannabis companies grow and scale, sometimes the “old way” of doing things isn’t as effective. ELLO’s advisers take a holistic view of a company’s finances and operations to redesign core business processes and achieve improvements in productivity, cycle times and overall efficiency.

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain logistics represent one of the greatest areas of potential risk and inefficiency for companies in the cannabis industry. ELLO performs comprehensive reviews of the activities involved in the supply chain — from acquiring raw materials, production activities, to distribution to customers. Optimized systems deliver products in a streamlined and cost-effective way.

Cash Management

Difficulties establishing traditional banking relationships has made the cannabis industry necessarily cash-reliant. As a result, cannabis operators face significant operational, financial and risk management complexities related to the collection and allocation of large quantities of cash. ELLO’s team of advisers help cannabis businesses implement effective systems of controls and management to optimize activities like payroll, tax compliance and reporting, and more.

Inventory Management

Having precise information about the location and status of inventory is not only a pressing business concern, but is also a regulatory matter essential to continued operation in the cannabis industry. ELLO designs and implements sophisticated inventory management solutions that increase efficiency, ease reporting, and mitigate risk.

Fraud Risk Assessments

The operational realities of the cannabis industry create opportunities for fraud that all operators must be vigilant against. ELLO’s team of advisers includes Certified Fraud Examiners who examine a business top-to-bottom to identify current and potential opportunities for risk.

Anti-Money Laundering

Regulatory authorities focus on money laundering as an on-going risk concern in the cannabis industry. ELLO’s team includes Certified Fraud Examiners experienced in developing and implementing effective procedures that limit opportunities for fraud and attain compliance with local, federal and international anti-money laundering laws.


Cannabis businesses are growing fast and adding staff throughout their organization. As business, financial and HR processes get more complicated, it is essential that new and current employees are properly trained. ELLO develops comprehensive training plans that help mitigate risk and support regulatory compliance.

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