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Proven solutions that can help organizations detect, remediate and prevent financial loss and operational risk.

Dedicated CFE’s and professionals committed to developing and implementing anti-fraud best practices.

Financial crimes and fraudulent practices are on the rise, posing a critical threat to organizations across industries. Discover how ELLO can help you to navigate your toughest challenges with clarity and confidence.

Fraudulent practices are one of the biggest issues facing modern organizations. Not only is there operational risk due to lost valuable revenue and productivity, fraud can also have a negative impact on public perception and market confidence. The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners estimates that organizations lose approximately 5% of revenue to fraud. Instances of fraud are rising around the world, making it a priority that organizations take the initiative to identify and rectify current and historical instances of fraud, and implement internal controls that limit future opportunities for fraud.

ELLO offers a Fraud Investigation Services practice dedicated to detecting, responding to, and preventing fraud. Our team of Certified Fraud Examiners, Internal Audit specialists, and risk management consultants have deep experience turning risks and vulnerabilities into opportunities for greater strength and long-term security via forensic investigations and anti-fraud services.

Schemes by Industry
Fraud Risk Management Process
Fraud Risk Management Process

Collaborative, highly personalized solutions

The ELLO Forensic Accounting Services team provides unsurpassed fraud examination & advisory expertise that powers proven solutions for organizations that range from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. But, more importantly, our collaborative, highly personalized service stems from a longstanding commitment to understanding and empowering the strategic goals of our clients.

Services Include

Fraud Insurance Recovery Investigations

Identifying fraud is only the first step. What follows are sensitive recovery activities that include: conducting a comprehensive investigation, pre-suit considerations, and the litigation itself. All of which must be managed precisely to ensure that a satisfactory judgment or restitution award is ultimately collected.

Litigation Support and Expert Witness Testimony

ELLO’s Forensic Services team provides litigation support and expert witness testimony for situations requiring a specialist recognized by the court as having expert knowledge. We offer expertise in financial, accounting, tax, and regulatory issues.

Whistleblower Investigations

Whistleblower allegations are best followed up by an impartial party capable of reviewing the details of the allegation to determine whether further investigation is warranted. If so, the ensuing procedures must comply with legal obligations, maintain confidentiality, preserve the reputations of individuals and organization and ultimately, take proper remedial action to avoid liability, and prevent future claims.

Fraud Risk Assessment & Evaluation of Internal Controls

An effective fraud prevention program begins with a holistic assessment that identifies and tests existing internal controls. The resulting report will identify, analyze and evaluate risks, giving an organization’s controlling body the necessary information to update or develop internal controls.

Digital Forensics

Modern fraud investigations often required highly-specialized skill in managing electronic devices and evidence trails. ELLO’s Forensic Services team has experience capturing, authenticating, and analyzing data, evidence, or information from electronic devices.

Third Party Vendor Kickbacks and Contract Compliance

Kickback schemes are one of the most common, and difficult to identify, forms of fraud. Because kickback schemes aren’t easily observed in an organization’s books and records, the procedures require an investigator who thoroughly understands the cannabis industry and notices discrete red flags indicating a bribery or kickback arrangement.

Asset Tracing, Misappropriation, and Employee Embezzlement Investigations

Identifying employee fraud and misuse is a sensitive matter that can be conducted by “following the money” to collect evidence of the crime, identify leads in the investigation, and ultimately identify assets subject to forfeiture.

Financial Statement Fraud and Improper Revenue and Expense Recognition

Premeditated misstatement or omission of financial statement data to misrepresent the financial strength of an organization is a common, and difficult to trace, fraudulent activity requiring specialized investigative techniques. ELLO’s Forensic Services team has the experience to uncover and remediate such instances of fraud.

Anti-bribery & Corruption Investigations

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and UK Bribery Act are examples of anti-bribery and corruption regulations related to uncovering fraudulent practices in domestic and overseas operations. ELLO’s Forensic Services team offers invaluable knowledge of these regulations, enabling us to identify and resolve sensitive, complex regulatory issues.

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