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Specialized tax services for navigating complex cross-border transactions.

Doing business across borders can be a tremendous opportunity – but it comes with inherent levels of complexity that can undermine efforts to expand. Whether you’re filing to list on an exchange or set up operations in Canada, procuring goods from China or India; seeking new investments in South America; or operating distribution channels across Europe; the international tax specialists at ELLO can help.

Dedicated tax & advisory groups serving dynamic global segments.

ELLO has partnered with specialized MGO segment teams to drive value for our clients.

Latin American Business Group

To serve the unique needs of the Latin American community, we have partnered with MGO Latino – professionals dedicated to providing specialized professional services rooted in first-hand experience navigating the business, political and cultural realities and risks of Latin America.

MGO India

Our presence in India bolsters our international team with world-class expertise and proven technology solutions. We are proud to be investing in India, developing a presence that is a true extension of the ELLO and MGO teams and providing a platform for serving an increasingly global marketplace.

MGO China

MGO China is dedicated to enterprises with interests that cross the borders of the US and the Greater China Region. We have deep experience helping investors in companies from China, looking to gain footing in US markets – as well as US companies with interests in Asia.

Serving the tax needs of entertainers, athletes and media executives with global reach.

Supported by our industry-leading Entertainment, Sports and Media practice, ELLO’s international tax group supports global entertainers, athletes and media executives as they perform and grow their brands around the world. We provide the guidance and insight to help our clients maximize profits from foreign endeavors.

Reducing your tax burden and supporting future growth

We provide expert guidance to clients who trade internationally and/or have offshore subsidiaries or joint ventures. We work closely with businesses and high-net-worth individuals to help them understand international tax requirements.

Services Include

Global Tax Planning & Compliance

Gain control of global tax compliance and reporting with dedicated support navigating complex, cross-border tax requirements. Our dedicated international tax specialists support indirect tax compliance, direct tax compliance, and statutory reporting services.

International Structuring and Rationalization

Whether assessing an underperforming business unit, acquiring an off-shore entity, or rationalizing your current tax structure, ELLO’s international tax professionals can help. Our technical guidance will help you understand the long-term implications of restructuring and business rationalization.

Transfer Pricing

When planning to expand or restructure it is essential to understand the impact on your income tax and indirect tax footprint, projected margins by taxing jurisdiction, and the tax exposures that need to be considered. ELLO can provide the technology and data to help you make informed decisions.

Foreign Source Income & Tax Planning

Avoiding double taxation on international activities is a priority for businesses and individuals. ELLO’s experienced international tax specialists can help you create an optimal tax structure that reduces your effective tax rate.

Foreign Business Investment

ELLO has the technical experience and cross-border resources to help you with structuring investments in offshore businesses. We can help manage US and host country tax compliance by optimizing deductions, exemptions, and incentives.

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Sanjay Agarwal

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