On April 30th, the first wave of temporary cannabis licenses issued by California’s regulatory agencies will expire. If your cannabis operation has not yet submitted an Annual License application, you must do so before April 30th or be prepared to cease operation.

The Temporary Licenses were initially issued so that cannabis operations could begin operating January 1, 2018, while still preparing for the more comprehensive and expensive Annual License application. Temporary Licenses last 120 days from the date of issuance, so any business that had theirs when the adult-use market opened will see it expire at the end of April.

What to do if You’ve Already Submitted an Annual License Application

If you’ve completed the Annual License application process, but it is still pending, you should be in the clear. California’s regulatory agencies will be issuing Temporary License extensions of 90 days to cannabis operations whose Annual License applications have been submitted but are still under review.

The suggestion being, if you haven’t received an Annual License and it is no fault of your own, your Temporary License will be extended.

What To Do If You Haven’t Completed the Annual License Application

Finish it now! If you have not submitted your Annual License application, we recommend you do so AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. The regulatory authority will need to review the application and make sure it is complete before issuing the 90 day Temporary License extension.

That means if you get your application in just before the deadline, you are unlikely to receive the extension, must cease operation or face legal consequences, and this failure to comply could have an adverse effect on the likelihood of the Annual License being issued.

All the info you need to start (and finish!) your Annual License application can be found at the Bureau of Cannabis Control’s website; CalCannabis Cultivation website; or the Manufactured Cannabis Safety Branch website.

If you would like help navigating the Annual License Application process or have questions regarding regulatory compliance, please reach out to us for a consultation.